Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1

Hello everybody. My name is Shane Griffin and I have a problem. I eat more than I should and for the wrong reasons. I mean seriously, I had a bad day, so I eat too much supper, I have had a hectic week, come on cake! I am so happy I accomplished that task! Sonic foot long cheese coney baby!! Sometimes, I don't even have a reason to eat, I guess I just do it out of habit. The worse thing is, while eating the food, I KNOW I shouldn't, heck I even feel bad doing it. That alone should stop me, but it doesn't. I used to drink too much when I was a kid, I used to play video games too much, heck I had a problem with the original mini-thin pills for a looooong time. I kicked all those habits but apparently just replaced them with food. I can't even tell you when it started. I just know that it has taken my life over. I beat it in spurts, but eventually it wins again. I was thinking about it though and I have almost always fought that battle privately. I have spoken to some close friends about it, but for the most part, it was an inner demon. I let it have its way with me and held it all inside. To make matters worse, I developed diabetes in my late 20's and as we all know, food is the enemy with that disease. So common sense should have been my driving force to beat this problem with food, but it hasn't kicked in. My wife has tried to be the food nazi at times, but I just sneak around and she finds out and feels defeated about trying to help me.

So here is the deal. I am stealing this idea from another guy, but I bet he won't mind. I want to blog everyday about my weight loss journey. Not the nuts and bolts of I ate this and totaled this many calories and did this many minutes of cardio. I mean yes that will be part of it, but the weight loss journey is much more than that. It is the bad day that you had and wanted a pizza to fix it all, and the realization you had that not only does it not fix the problem you just acquired, but it makes the problem you already had, overeating, even worse. I mean I want it all to come out and be talked about and dealt with. I recently had a bout with anxiety, well a couple of years ago anyway. That was actually how I took control of it, I told people that I had it and was dealing with it and it gave me an empowerment over it. Now the anxiety has essentially been resolved and I hope this forum will allow me the same luxury with my overeating.

So here is my request. Please read my blog, please comment on it, maybe even share your story with me if you have a similar problem with food you have been fighting. But most importantly let me know you are watching, holding me accountable to finish this, to make this attempt work. I have to do something. I have a family now that depends on me, that needs me to keep myself alive long enough to finish with law school and start making a living for them, to get them set up with financial security, but most importantly, to keep spending the quality time with them. Here is an embarrassing story to get us started off. For our first ever family vacation this year, we spent a week in Branson. We had a blast. On one of the days, we went to Silver Dollar City for the whole day and it was fun. Buuuuuuut, Lauren really wanted to ride the roller coasters and the giant barn swing thing. I did the wait in line and everything for the barn swing, but was unable to get the guard to close on my big ol' belly. So Lauren didn't want to ride alone, and had to get off too. It was terrible, and not the first time it had happened. I want to be successful in this and make that a story I tell after I am considerably thinner and in better shape. So I repeat my plea, please comment, please let me know about any suggestions you may have after seeing what I am doing. If I am wrong, set me straight, if you think there is a better way than I am doing something, let me know. If I tell you I screwed up, don't enable me, blast me, but nicely. I need help and I hope I can count on you. Thanks in advance and hope to not ramble as much.


  1. You go Shane! That's a great idea!

  2. I support you 100% Shane...and feel free to call me anytime you just want to talk instead of eat! We are all here for you my friend!

  3. You GO!! I'm soo proud of you!! I'm going to be reading everyday.. so be sure to post, and I'll even send you nasty pics of food as I see them here in Thailand.. cause let me just share.. I've lost 10 pounds since I've been here because food has lost its joy when you see the nasty ... :)
    Love ya my friend!!!
    Oh, and when is your first 5K, cause you can't beat this demon without the exercise!!

  4. Hey thanks everybody! I swear I have the best friends ever! Patrick that is a dangerous offer, I may use up all your minutes!! Kimberly, the 5k is a while away I am guessing cause I have let myself lose all that progress I made, which is one of the things I am fighting against is losing momentum when I get it going.

  5. Shane,

    I'm signing up for my first 5K walk/run at the end of July.. look up and see if one is going on in your area... just sign up and do... don't think about it... who says you have to jog or run... just walk it! Cause if you don't, you will always find a reason not to.. just like you said "I have let myself lose all the progress I made.." So grab it back my friend... come on!!! We can DO this!!
    I'll be watching for your announcement that you are walking in a 5K!! :)

  6. you know what, I am going to look today and see what there is out there. Thanks Kim!

  7. Son, I know you've probably already done this but have your doctor check your thyroid! That is a HUGE problem for me. And also remember that when God built us, he left a small hole inside of each one of us that only he can fill. Some try to fill that emptiness with drugs, some alcohol, some pornography, gambling, eating, etc. (you get the picture) but the only thing that will REALLY make your journey a success is a daily walk with God. Prayers going up and I WILL keep up with your blog!!


  8. Hi Shane,

    I saw your post on Sean's blog a few minutes ago, I was completely moved. I can tell you right now that Sean is going to be so proud of you when he learns that you're doing this. :)

    I've lost over 100 pounds in the last 14 months, and I still have a long road ahead..but I can honestly say that I've enjoyed the journey (most days) so far. And I'm here to say that you do not have to get to your goal to start feeling amazing. I started feeling like a new person several weeks into my journey..

    Exercise is important..get your heart pumping even if you can only do a few minutes. It gets easier, but then you work harder. Eventually you might even crave the exercise. Our bodies love it. My body loves it.

    I'm so excited to be part of this journey from Day One. Do your best today, and worry about tomorrow later.

    Best wishes to you Shane!

  9. And one last thing...a year from now you'll be so glad you started today. Just saying.

  10. First of: you are a BRAVE man.

    i am obese, carrying more than 80 pounds, so i know what you are going through, its not like im living in a different world, i totally relate to what you say and feel it all.
    that is why i am saying you are brave.
    1. for reaching out for help, because i KNOW it is hard.
    2. for trying one more time though you might not believe in yourself and trust it will work this time, you still started a brand new TRY.
    3. your story about the roller coaster, well here you go:
    when we go on family short breaks, my husband likes to ride the canoe!! and keeps asking me to hop on, over and over again and i say no. HOW ON EARTH do i with 80 extra pounds squeeze into and maintain balance with him in a canoe!!! im so afraid ill turn upside down and get stuck there till i drown! and no, its not funny!
    so, let's all believe we can do this, i need your help too... i so need to know there are people who can understand my struggle and are willing to become a team with me..
    life should be more fun, and easier, without joint pain and without lost moments with our loved ones..

    good luck shane.. and please accept me on your team, as a weight loss buddy!



  11. wow, awesome job, Shane! I just discovered your blog. Great job so far. All the best!

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