Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pecs, Not Man Boobs

Good Wednesday morning to all! I am having a pretty good week so far. Getting lots of business handled this week. Got all the big bills paid, got my air conditioner compressor replaced, and have been cruising along at work with just the right amount of work to keep me busy but not overwhelmed. I have also been talking to a lot of people about law school and the experience. Carrie, one of my attorneys from the old firm that now works in the building right next to mine, chatted with me for awhile the other day. She had graduated right before I started working at my old firm, so the experience is fresh in her mind. We have known each other for like 4 years now and like I said we worked together for 3 of them. She says I will have next to no problem likely with the law school experience. That makes me feel good that Carrie thinks well of me and that I shouldn't have a freak out about first year either. And that awesome boss of mine, Cheryl, has said that if she has the work, I am welcome to come up on the weekends and do it and she will pay me for it to help keep me afloat. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work for Cheryl. I don't believe I could have found a better employer but even more, a better friend. She is that person that does good even if it would be easier to do not so good. She is that person you wish you could be, only she really is that person. Cheryl, if you drop by and read this post, thank you for your awesomeness.

So I was shaving on Monday, and I don't know how I have not noticed this before now, but it appears that Shane has pecs! Not so much man boobs anymore, but pecs! The bottom half is still not super model-ish yet, but the top is looking pretty good. And I am getting veins in my arms too! It is crazy! I can't hide my excitement about these things! I am tempered though in the realization that it is not likely that my main goal, the thing I have decided would make me decide I was done, is likely not possible. I want to have a completely flat belly. It is a dream of mine, but I am starting to see that my loose skin issues are prolly gonna prevent that from being a possibility without some form of surgical intervention. I doubt seriously that will be a possibility for me, so I am beginning to deal with that fact.

I have not talked about it as yet, but I have made pretty major change this week. I am trying out something new. I have been an OCD food intake tracker for the past few months. Like two to three separate lists being maintained through out the day, one home, one work and one at school. I was debating during Sunday's run if maybe I have gotten so OCD that maybe I am eating when I think I should be getting calories just because I have them coming. So for this week, I am trying intuitive eating rather than tracking. I have to admit, I tend to not eat at my "prescribed times" as much and without having hard numbers, I think I eat less actually. I wonder if my mental schedule was putting me to eating when I wasn't really hungry but only mentally prepared to eat? So I will try this until my next weigh in and see if I am successful. If not, then right back to tracking baby!


  1. You are going to do so well in law school. The fact that you have all those awesome people will help. They will be great resources for technical help, but also for boosting your "can do" attitude. You are surrounded by blessings, Shane.

    I have not been doing as good tracking calories, so while you are trying the no tracking, I found I will have to become more OCD about it.

    Thanks so much for your kind and generous comment today. Your kind words always inspire me. Keep it up, buddy. We are licking this! Michele

  2. Intuitive eating?
    Oh dear god. That never bodes well.
    Give a try, but set serious boundaries, and if you cross those boundaries then make sure you rein yourself in.