Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Darn Time Change!

Yesterday was not the model of perfection for me. I got up late, didn't get my workout in, had a crummy day at work, and was in a bit of a funk generally. I honestly assign blame for my funk to the fact I didn't get to jog yesterday morning. It seems that I know really and truly count on that little endorphin high in the morning to get me on the right path attitude wise.

So the way it happened was that we had storms Sunday night that apparently knocked out our power briefly while I was asleep. I did wake up and see that my alarm clock was flashing, but I have a battery back up in it because I am seriously that anal about getting up on time and getting things done. So I assumed it was just flashing to show me that the power had gone off, so I bumped it forward one minute and went back to sleep. Well I woke up thinking I felt awfully refreshed for some reason, then happened to notice out local news was on the tv in the bedroom! I immediately knew that it was waaaay later than I usually get up! It was 6:20 and I was late late late! So I got Kathy up cause she needed to be leaving shortly, and I got myself fed and showered and out the door as quickly as possible, but I knew that not running was probably gonna work on me all day, and it did. So my alarm clock has a new battery in it now! And I am up and on time and ready to rock today! That day off may not have been a bad thing though. I had a great weekend running wise. I got 4.5 miles in on Saturday at the lake trail and then I got a spectacular 3 miler in on Sunday around the neighborhood with all the hills, both up and down and steep! I also got a chance to go out and survey the place I am going to be running next weekend and those guys are in trouble!! I train throughout the week on the treadmill going uphill for thirty minutes. When I get on flat ground, I am a monster, and that course appears to be mostly flat ground!! Oh I can see it now! I am going to do ok I just know it! I think once i get this one under my belt, I am gonna start seeing about getting a 10k to go to. I may be a month or so out from being ready for one, but I am a planner.

Ok, I gotta get off her and get the coffee IV going so I can get on the treadmill and kick some hiney this morning. Ya'll have a wonderful Tuesday and keep the Japanese people in your thoughts please. they cannot seem to catch a break after the earthquake. I hope that you find a way to somehow contribute to the cause by donating water or food or money for their relief.


  1. Time change always kicks my butt - spring one especially. Then, to have your alarm clock do that? Total suckage.

    Here's hoping the rest of your week goes smoothly!

  2. Hate the time change. Woke up late and had the same kinda day. NO workout for me, but still ate very clean and healthy.
    Today is a new day! You have a great outlook!


  3. The time change has messed with my schedule big tiem too!! Not sure why it's been so hard this time around but ugggg i feel your pain!!

    Hoping we ALL get used to it soon!! :-)