Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Am Officially a Razorback Baby!!

Yesterday's visit to the University of Arkansas School of Law was an absolute joyful experience! It left me scared and excited at the same time. Shakira (not the famous one) was a wonderful hostess and tour guide and I left the school ready to start tomorrow dang it! I have been collecting coffee cups here lately, so the day would not have been a complete day if I had not bought a coffee mug to commemorate that I officially dropped off my pre-registration paperwork and had officially reserved my spot to be admitted in the fall of the 2011-2012 incoming class!! I only have to submit my final transcript and I am a law student!! I celebrated with the purchase of the coffee mug above, and then Kathy took to Academy where we had found that the Under Armour back packs were on sale. I at some point in my undergrad career had told Kathy that since I made the back pack I have last 4 years, I wanted a decent back pack if I am ever accepted to law school. Well, I now own an Under Armour back pack that we got on sale!! Talk about double sweetness!

I think the thing that struck me the most during my tour is that grad school seems to cater to the students MUCH more. I mean the Leflar Law center has some very swanky amenities (or at least tot his redneck they do). You have a full kitchen to keep your stuff in and cook if you want to, the library is second to none in its resources, they have a room that blocks out white noise for studying, the court yard is gorgeous, their mock courtroom is as nice or nicer than the Federal Courtroom I visited as an undergrad in the paralegal program. I was especially charged up by my visit to the legal clinic! I suspect by the middle of my second year, I will be a fixture in there! I really had the most wonderful visit!

Now that was all the good stuff. Here is the I am not so proud stuff. I don't know how it happened exactly, but I wound up at the pizza joint last night with Kathy. We hadn't eaten a whole lot yesterday, so I was thinking we go split a pizza to cap off the day, but somehow, she reasoned that we should get the special that is two specialty pizzas for 20 bucks. It is a good deal but I should have known better. So we got a cheeseburger pizza and a 6 meat pizza to bring home. I actually preplanned to have none of the bring home pizza and that is still the case. But I had planned on capping myself at 3 pieces of the cheeseburger pizza, but I had 4. I did make it a point to not eat the crust that had no toppings, which was pretty good for me. I am a pizza fiend. And honestly, had that been the extent of the days damages, hey, I would have shrugged it off. Buuuuuut when we got home, I had Samoa cookies on the brain in a bad way. Long story short, I resisted for a bit, but eventually, I killed a box of those as well minus the 4 I gave Kathy. Am I disappointed in myself, yes. But am I defeated, not by a long shot. I need to digest all this, figure out where it is coming from, and make a better plan. I should have employed my 'not going to law school as a lard ass' last night, but didn't. So now, during my 4.5 mile run today, I am going to reset my psyche, and make the next week one I can call myself proud of and build on that. It was one day, but I know what one day can turn into, as I have witnessed my performance eating wise fall off the last few weeks. I need to get back on the train, build my steam back up, and get to getting! I think the thing that hurts me worst to be honest is that I don't suffer significant failures in the weight loss department. Even with having a questionable couple of weeks between weigh ins, I lost 2.5 pounds. That messes with me and allows me to have the rationalization days where I do what I did yesterday. Failure is the ultimate motivator for me, but I need to make FEAR of failure my motivator now. So today is going to be a water only, minimal meal kinda of day for Shane (yeah I am going third person) and a day to pour the coal to the train and get it headed back on track!


  1. Congratulations Shane! Just think about how much life has changed for you in the last year...it's incredible.

    And hey..you'd tell me to own and move on. It's great to see you doing that too (re: pizza and cookies.)

    You're doing so well, and it keeps getting better! Congrats again!

  2. Happiness is a strong emotion and I find I eat over that as often as I eat over the other emotions. And because of the excitement factor it is often harder to do the right thing. I applaud you not letting this turn into two days!

  3. Congrats on getting accepted to Law School! P.S. Woo Pig Sooie!!!

    Tony B. @ Half of 360

  4. I'm so happy for you even if it is Arkansas, ha ha! But, a box of samoas? Oh well, move on and don't do that again.