Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Weigh Day On This Side of 200

This morning was my first weigh in day since my arrival in One-derland! I have to admit, I was worried a little since I had some struggles between that weigh day and this one. But somehow, someway, I managed to lost another 2 pounds. I am at 196 pounds, which leaves me 101 pounds lost baby!! I love it! In a million years, never would have guessed that would happen! So with that goal out of the way, it is time to set my jaw and begin working at that 189 by April the 22nd goal. One thing I am thinking of doing now though is letting the weight come off a little slower. I was jogging in the morning and then walking at lunch, but I think at this point, I am going to start just working out in the morning with a good challenging jog. My time has become quite the premium and I am being a lot more active on the weekends here lately with the weather warming up. I am of the opinion that it wouldn't hurt me to maybe get things done that I need to get done on my lunch hour and see if that doesn't take some of the time strain off me the rest of the day, and make my life easier in general. Sure hope so!

Ok, I hate this side of me. I don't want to say I am judging, I think it just strikes too close to home for me, and makes me realize who I was before. I had to stop at Wal Mart on the way home from class last night cause it turns out my dogs like to eat and they were out of food. So as I am walking back down the main aisle, I see a very large gentleman in one of those electric scooters for shopping. I had not noticed it on the way in, but he was at a bin in the aisle that had all sorts of those packages of mini candy bars, mini reeses cups, etc. He was loading up! I mean I was a huge fat man, I was. And I loaded up too! But I would like to think that if my life had gotten so the point that I felt the need to use one of those scooters, well I would have to begin to think maybe that bin was off limits! Again, it wasn't me judging him I don't think, it was me judging the situation and imagining that that guy could have been me with just a few things going differently. And I still get frustrated that I can't just stop and tell a stranger the secret, and I can't just give them the will power to get started and stay motivated. I honestly wish I could, I really would love to share this with the world!

So today is one of those days I have been waiting for. I am going to visit the University of Arkansas School of Law baby! I have been admitted for the fall semester! I got my letter yesterday and let me tell you, it was a rush! Kathy and I are going up to tour the facilities and get a little orientation. I want Kathy to see the place I am going to be spending the majority of my next three years so that when I describe my personal hell, she will have a frame of visual reference. haha. But really, I am so excited! I have had this dream on some level for years, and I have had this goal actually set for the last 4 years, so this really is my day of validation in my head.

Well, I have a Lauren that got up waaay early for some reason, so I am going to get off here and go see if she is ill or what the deal is. Ya'll have a great Friday and I will see you tomorrow!

Edit!!! I had to come back after I updated my ticker because two very exciting things happened! I just discovered that I am below 30 on my BMI, and that puts me officially out of the obese category!! I am now officially overweight!! Wooo HOOOOOOOOOO!! I am so excited.


  1. I think that we become more aware of the people at the Walmart and other stores and what they are buying now. It happens the same way with me at a restaurant. How do those people order so much, and why are the meals so huge to begin with? Congratulations on onederland and law school!

  2. WTG Shane!! Awesome! Great!