Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NSV? It Seems Like One To Me

My morning routine: hit the snooze, hit the snooze, drag out of bed, let the dogs out, drink coffee, let dogs in, hit the treadmill, rehydrate with a couple of glasses of water, cook breakfast, wake my girls up, shower, leave to drop Lauren off at school, go to work. I am cruising along yesterday, get to the cooking breakfast part. I usually fry me some eggs, and typically I leave a little of the egg yolk on my plate for my chihuahua Bella. It is our little thing we do. So yesterday, I get the urge for scrambled eggs with onion in them. So I cook scrambled eggs with onion in them. Not a big deal, but Bella is sitting patiently at my feet waiting for the plate with egg yolk on it. I did something I promise you Old Shane would have never done. I stopped short and saved some eggs for Bella to eat!!! Not just a tid bit either, she got a pretty good portion. I was pretty shocked after I thought about it. I was the guy that not only finished my food, but yours too!! If we had supper and Lauren didn't finish, I had my second helping plus her uneaten portion. If we were out, I made sure I got all the food eaten cause I paid for it. If it was about to get questionable in the fridge, I am there! Wow, I don't know that the Bella thing was an NSV, but it was an eye opener to one huge change I have made. I am counting it as a victory of some sort!

So the morning progresses and I am out of the shower and getting dressed. We have our tv on in the bedroom and an infomercial is on about something called Sensa. It is essentially something you are supposed to be able to sprinkle on your food and eat whatever you want and lose weight!! How frikkin' reckless is that? seriously? How can you even rationalize to yourself that you are going to sprinkle some stuff on a cheeseburger and it is all good man!! I just find it fascinating that us humans are always looking for that magic pill for weight loss, rather than just doing something common sense. For example, get off your butt and move and maybe, just maybe, stop eating 4000 calories a day... .I dunno but it may work.

I have really been getting excited about my first 5k run on the 19th! I have these visions of me doing pretty decently in the field, and yes even of me proudly wearing my first 5k t-shirt around proudly. I am going by myself so I hope to make a friend that will take my picture when I finish if nothing else. I have also started looking for other 5k's locally and have found two more I printed off the entry forms for. I don't get paid till tomorrow, I think I will fire off checks for both of them. One is in the town I used to work in so I imagine I will run into quite a few people I know there.I worked for the city so I knew most of the people in town on some level. It should be fun to get the reaction to my weight loss from them. They will prolly be shocked! Haha.

Today is push it hard day again on the treadmill, so I best get this coffee drank and get my shoes on. Ya'll have a great Wednesday and don't do anything I wouldn't.


  1. You're so right about people wanting that magic pill and the industry comes up with the supposed magic pills and make millions of dollars, yet the world keeps getting fatter. Common sense so wins!

    Can't wait to hear about the 5K and glad you left some eggs! Love those little changes.

  2. " I am counting it as a victory"
    Good! I see it that way, too! Bravo!

  3. I'm still looking for that magic pill! It would be so much easier. And yes I still want to eat that freakin' cheeseburger without worrying about it going to my ass.

    I think the eggs with Bella is a total NSV!

    I know you will rock that 5k. I'm doing my second one Sunday. Most of the people I came across last weekend were more than happy to take a picture of my mom and me. Even with my boob sweat on my camera. What? I didn't have pockets. Don't judge. LOL

  4. Just a heads up on the eggs for Bella - onions are toxic to dogs. Don't learn the hard way.

    I feel your success! Your are inspirational!