Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 165 A Look Back At 2010

So as the year draws to a close, I was thinking as I walked this morning about what all this 2010 has been to me. I was in a great marriage all year, I saw Lauren grow and blossom (and aggravate me a heck of a lot too) into a cheerleader, a basketball player, an honor choir member, a Brownie, and a lovely young girl. I changed jobs midyear, took the LSAT, and have gotten myself within 6 credit hours of having my Bachelor’s Degree! I ran for and was elected as a Justice of the Peace for my county. I started on an epic weight loss journey, began to be known as a hiker with Kathy and I hiking several times. I have started to attach jogger to my list of titles, and officially, I don’t have to look at weight limits anymore I am pretty sure! I have never seen anything say that 220 pounds is too heavy, and I am at 216 so I should be good! I actually thought of that by happenstance. I was walking and there was an ad for a treadmill on the Wal Mart Tv’s that said up to 300 pounds for the limit. That set me to thinking and that led to this post.
I have to say that as exciting as this year has been, I am even more excited about 2011. I am starting off in much better physical shape than I started this year off, I will actually get that Bachelor’s Degree God willing in May, and God willing again, I should be accepted to and start law school in the fall! I suspect at some point I will get to enjoy fully the joy of an amusement park and all the thrill rides it has to offer, and I know I will love Kathy even more by the end of this year than I do now.
Well it is Wednesday before weigh in day and the anxiety begins. I am especially anxious because I had to do something today that I wish I hadn’t, but the circumstances were grim. I am pretty sure that once again, my blood sugar got low on me. I think I am out exercising my calorie intake, and that my BMR is higher now. So when I was walking at Wal Mart for lunch, I felt like I was going to crash maybe. I got tired, a little fuzzy headed and starving to beat the band. I stopped my little store and bought me one of their mini pizzas as that was the only thing they had ready to eat other than some much more high calorie, high fat sandwiches. Sure enough, after I ate that, I was fine about ten minutes later. I am now going to admit I am not eating enough I do believe. I need to add to my lunch most likely so I am going to explore some possibilities tonight and put them in place tomorrow.

Has anybody else got a year in review they care to share?


  1. I haven't done my "reflection" yet but enjoyed reading yours. I have to start thinking about it, I suppose.

    You've had an amazing year! Good for you! I'm sure one mini pizza is not going to knock you completely off track. Let your doctor know about that spell, though, so there's a record of it. Sounds a bit scary.

  2. Hi Shane! Sorry I was AWOL during the holidays but I am back now. I have to say, you have KICKED MAJOR ASS in 2010! You owned this year and made it your bee-otch! But you're going to destroy 2011 and obliterate all your old goals and stuff. You're doing amazingly and I'm so proud of you for all that you've achieved...weight loss, exercise, schooling, work, and being the awesomest husband and dad out there. It's been a pleasuring getting to know you through your blog, and I can't wait to follow your journey in 2011.

  3. Nice post, Shane. I don't know much about low blood sugar but you certainly wouldn't want to pass out so get it checked out...please! I have read a glass of OJ can raise it quickly and of course there are glucose tablets my former client had to carry with her. I will probably reflect a bit in my blog...my son leaves today and daughter tomorrow.