Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 153 A Channeling Experience

Good Wednesday everybody! I am on another high! Had a great food and exercise day once again! I am at 1310 calories right now with some peanut butter and celery in the future, I should finish at around 1400 for the day! Hahahaha, I am lovin' it!!!

I have been kinda worried that I was getting in too good of shape for the walking I have been doing to give me the benefits it has in the past. I don't even get very tired anymore, even though I push myself hard while walking. Today, I decided to get some squats in during my weight workout, which is not unusual, but today, I really really really pushed myself to failure on them. Buddy let me tell you, my legs were worn out for my walk this morning and my lunchtime walk too! And my abs are trashed! Oh and that reminds me, it may be a mirage, but I think I see a little ridge developing on the top part of my stomach where the fat has dissipated the most! I think my abs are trying to poke their heads through! I only see it in the mornings and I am not sure I really see it, but it looks like it. I can feel the separation if I poke around on my abs, but to see it would be great! Oh and I don't recall giving ya'll this information either. I bought size 34 pants last week!! I am a little torn though. They fit fine. I can get two fingers in between me and the waist band, so they don't cut me in half, but when I sit for very long, it feels like the waist band is hitting a nerve or something on my hip bone. It makes my thigh hurt bad! Any thoughts on this? it is only my right thigh and it feels kinda like it is falling asleep but more painful.

Ok, on to today's title. I have been sitting on this experience for a couple of days, but it keeps hanging around my mind and not going away. I saw someone the other day doing something I used to do. They had a big bag of candies and they were mindlessly eating them, not really giving any thought to it from what I can tell. It brought back memories for me. I channeled back to the days when I would have done the same thing. When I see that, I just want to reach out to that me, slap him across the face, and wake him up to the damage he is doing!! I could have saved myself a heck of a lot of trouble knowing what I know now back then. I could already be in the maintenance phase, I could be celebrating 5, maybe 10 years of maintenance. I could be a mountain climber or a 1/2 marathon runner by now! Hell who knows! But the cold hard reality is, I did not do it then. Buuuut, I am doing it now!!! I don't dwell on the past, but I think you have to keep in sight. I don't think you can ever forget the past, it is your index for what to do and what not to do. For example, I now know, when I hit my goal weight, that is not carte blanche to go right back to eating like I used to. That is just Phase I. Phase II is the good part. That is the part where you learn how to KEEP the weight off. That is how you will finish in life. Thin and aware of how to stay that way!

Well it is Wednesday of weigh in week. As I have said before, this is when the anxiety begins. And it is even worse this week. I don't have even a clue what my loss will be if there will be one at all. I feel strong, I feel in better shape, I even feel lighter, but only the scale knows that last one. So let the anxiety begin.


  1. I know I eat out of boredom and also because food tastes good. Oh yeah, and plus sometimes im HONGRAY! The mindless snacking, of course I am guilty, been there, done that. That was my old hobby i guess. Glad that I gave it up.

  2. Awesome news on the pants size! Way to go. I know what you mean about watching someone make your mistakes. I have this problem with patients now when they hem and haw and say they don't have time to exercise or not eating out is hard since they are so busy. I love your thoughts on maintenance, "This and aware." Looking forward to your weigh in tomorrow.

  3. I think you already know what I will say, but I will anyway: I don't think either you or I could have started this anytime sooner. We both wish we had, but well that is not what happened.

    I know just what you mean by seeing someone mindlessly eating anything with a lot of calories, fat or sugar. You want to shake them (or slap them as you said), but until they are ready they are not able to listen. Believe me they know (as did the two of us and many of your other followers) that we were risking our health.

    I hope I can set an example of how this can be done (and I know you do to) and have conversations with people about it. We are models you know for success.

    Nice work on the size 34s!