Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 138 Feeling It, Just Feeling It

Great Tuesday! It couldn't have gotten much better I don't believe! Had just an awesome day diet wise, exercise wise, and otherwise!!

Diet wise, I have been holding back on my calories for the last few days, just in an attempt to show myself I could and to damage control the extras I got this last weekend. I did great once again today on that. Exercise wise, I had a great weight workout and I got my 4 miles of walking in today with no problem, even with sore muscles. Otherwise, Lauren had a whale of a basketball game tonight!! I could not stop smiling the whole night!! She scored 6 points, one of which was her first basket, caused two turn overs, and stole the ball!! I was the proudest poppa ever! I love that little girl!

I don't know if I have discussed my leather jacket on here or not, but if I have, sorry for the repeat. I have "re-acquired" my leather jacket from my teens and early 20's! It was cool at first to have it back, but last night, it was even more cool as this jacket is sooooo warm and it was sooooo cold last night! That makes it even more than an NSV, it was good economically for me! I even noticed last night that when I zip it up, there is some space between me and it! Which brings me to another issue I am having. I can't keep myself in clothes lately. My 36 pants I just bought, look horiffic on me now. Check it out:

so now I guess I am going to see about spending a little money at the thrift shop I love so much and getting some 34's and see if they fit better. wow, really. 34's. In my adult life, I have never glimpsed anything smaller than a 36 pant. I may even buy me a large shirt, so that if it doesn't fit, I at least have a goal to work towards! Life is so different for me now a days. God is blessing me so much. I don't even know how to let him know how thankful I am. I love the full heart feeling I get when I think of it. It is like a hug from Him!!

Well I better get off here and get to bed. I hope to read that everyone had as great of a day as I did tomorrow morning!! Night!!


  1. Hi Shane,
    Well, those are some super cool NSVs. Fitting into a leather jacket and loose fitting size 36 jeans/pants. Good for you! This healthy journey pays off in spades over and over again.

    When you are able, stop by my blog. I "tagged" you. Your commitment to this journey and to bloggy land propelled me to "tag" you in the latest cyber information game being passed around. I hope you were not tagged recently (?!?!) Can’t wait to read your responses! You're "it!"

  2. Victory! Smaller pants. I know I bought this great leather jacket last year. It's a size 24. It is HUGE even with a sweater under it, but I don't give a shit. I'll wear it anyway cause next year I'll be a WHOLE other size. Ha. Cool we know next year will be a whole other world, eh? You are looking so awesome. A totally different you. If it weren't for that nasty hog on your t-shirt.......

  3. Look at you, skinny man! I agree, those pants are totally baggy. You should invest in a few good belts, too.

  4. I love when you give glory to God! It puts a smile on my face and lifts my heart towards heaven. Now, lift your wallet towards a store, because you really need new pants!!!! :)