Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yeah, It Rained On Me......

Back in the old days of Shane, there was no excuse miniscule enough for me to call a workout off. I could find any reason. Got a bit of a funny feeling in my calf,my hair don't look good enough for a day in the gym, a walk or anything else active, I better just make sure the TV doesn't walk away today, keep a close eye on it!! It didn't matter, I wasn't about to leave the comfort of my recliner if I could find a good reason.

Switch to May 20, 2011. I have gotten up, gotten my family up, gotten Lauren to school, and pulled up to Van Buren Park for my Friday jog. The skies look a bit ominous, but it is pretty far to the west of me it seems, so I can probably get 3 miles in real quick and beat it. So a little less than two miles in, nope, did not beat the rain!! Ok, I am coming up on the parking lot my truck is in, I could hop in and get out of here now! Yeah, I ain't gonna do that. One more lap and I get the three miles I set out for, soooo yup, see ya truck! I am so proud of the one thing that my hard headedness does for me with no negative repercussions.... haha!! I finished that run and felt awesome for it!

I woke up today and was trying to think of an alternative to just a straight out jog today. I think I am going to combine some old school with some new school. I am going to walk my butt off for two miles then jog for two miles today just for the heck of it! Something different to do and that is all. In fact, I think I will go right now!

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  1. I am also going back to combining jogging with power walking, as I have been out of it for a while, and need to get the groove back.