Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holy Crap, There Were Muscles Under There!

I had a huge discovery yesterday! It turns out, under all that fat, there were some muscles!! This is crazy!!

Seriously, I was doing some curls yesterday morning and I just happened to look down and notice that I had this round bicep poking out pretty prominently, and I had huge forearm muscles with veins. So further inspection showed that I have very nice shoulder muscles, my triceps are starting to show up even when I am at rest, and I see my pecs on top, but my man boob skin needs to shrink some more before I can brag that I have good pecs. the saggy skin kinda ruins the pecs on the bottom. Oh and the legs, wow. All I can say. I think that if I get lucky and get some good skin shrinkage, I will eventually have the flat belly I seek, but I think that will be far into the future most likely. But for now, I will take the muscles that are looking so good! I can honestly say, I never imagined that my muscles would ever be this evident! I am a stoked feller! Yeeee haaaaaawwww!!

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