Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, May 2, 2011

Have Them In The House, And You Will Eat Them

So in retaliation of all the crappy snacking I did Saturday, I went to Wal Mart and over loaded on veggies and fruits. I am on a mission now. Not sure how we got all those crappy snacks around the place, but that is gonna change. Well I know how most of them got here. It was Easter candy. And after this little debacle, I am making a decree for the Griffin household. No more mass inventory of candy. The occasional little bit is ok, but that junk is the enemy of all of us, not just me. Kathy is in agreement with that, so candy=not in this house!

I have a much better attitude today too. I had cucumbers lightly spread with hummus, I had bananas, I had carrots, I steamed a couple of sprouts of broccoli and some carrots. I mean it was a veggie kind of day fo' sho' and it made me feel better not just physically but mentally.

Speaking of mentally, I am a little disappointed. I get that we all live busy lives, but I am starting to have some close friends who were all about you can count on me being there, wouldn't miss it for the world!! that are starting to drop off about coming to my graduation this Saturday and the party after it. I guess I am a little hurt by it, but I am also even more thankful for those who said they would come and are. I have folks in Texas that are heading this way and I am glad for them for sure, and I have some local family that are coming too that I haven't seen in quite some time. My mom is having her friends over too, all of whom I love dearly and will be glad to see on such a special occasion to me. I do know this one thing. I am ready for this week to be over and I also am very introspective about it too. I guess the reality has set in that I am on to the next challenge. I loved this challenge. I am a little scared. I have the undergrad life figured out and now on to graduate school and having to start from scratch figuring it out. But like I have said many times, I live for the challenge, and typically rise to the occassion.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday morning. If you don't mind, tell me what it was like for you when you graduated college. I suspect my perception as an old man graduating is different from that of a young person graduating, and I would be interested to know if I am right.


  1. Hey Shane,

    I have been a reader of your blog for a while now, just never thought I had any thing worth saying. I applaud you for your journey, you have done an awesome job. I can feel your pain over sweets and junk food in the house. I have 4 teenagers and a wife in the house that can pretty much eat anything they like and never gain an extra pound. I can apparently suck in calories just being the same room with junk food. Like you say if its there I will eat it though. I have been known to walk all the way around the house to enter the living room without going through the kitchen. Sometimes that works sometimes it doesn't.

    I have started my journey many times only to end up bigger and worse off health wise that before. Thinking seriuosly about the dreaded obesity surgery. Sort of in limbo right now.

    On your graduation, man, I would be there to help you celebrate if you were closer this way. To me an adult making such a milestone in life is much more important than a, just over teen, making the same stride. I got my associates degree 30 years ago, and really need to hitch my self to that batchelors wagon also. Kind of like my health/weight issues, it always takes second, third or fourth place to the rest of my life. Again I applaud your accomplishments.

    God Bless,
    Tony Grogan

  2. Ah, that's always a problem when you place expectations on other people, then they don't live up to those expectations. You will be in a much better mental place if you try to let your expectations go entirely and just be grateful for the people that DO make it to your graduation party. I know exactly how you feel though. When I got married, I didn't have a wedding/bridal party, but if I could have chosen one person to be my "Maid of Honor" it would have been my friend JohnO. Well, JohnO didn't even COME to my wedding in the end (something about his mom breaking her finger a few weeks before the wedding). I was really upset about it, to the point where I didn't want to talk to JohnO ever again. But then I realized it was unfair to place expectations on John, especially UN-VOCALIZED expectations. Letting those go really helped me get over that hurt and disappointment.

    Congrats on stocking up on the healthy food!! That's the Shane I know! Congrats on getting back on track with the healthy living! That's the way you do it!!!

  3. Stocking up on the right things was the right thing to do. It's best to get rid of the candies and junk food. I find putting barriers between me and bad behavior helps a lot. If I had to go out to get candy I probably wouldn't but if I just have to open a cupboard, that's not as safe.

    Best of luck on your continuing journey.

  4. Your title says it all... Its so hard to overcome it if it is right in front of you so why not make it easier and not have the stuff around if possible? With me doing Medifast its a little different because just about everything everyone else is eating i am not. But I am learning to become strong(I hope). And along the way I have become very appreciative of real food such as fruits, veggies, etc.

    When I graduated college I had a party but did not actually attend my graduation. It was very special to me that I got my psychology degree, even though I am not a stay at home mom!

    You are doing great!


  5. I'm probably the oldest here but my college graduation was nothing special- my parents did attend along with my fiance who I married 3 months later. We attended my oldest daughter's graduation even though it was 10 hours away but my son and youngest daughter were not interested in going to theirs and I was not a bit disappointed! I had a party for son and his friends and a dinner for younger DD. I think because you are older, it does mean more to you and it is quite an accomplishment! We all got ours 4 years after high school with Mom and Dad paying for most of the bill. I imagine you haven't had parental financial support! I'm proud of you.