Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Part That Sux

I am cruising along in this renewed effort at getting back in shape, eating better, etc. But the part of it that sux is not fighting myself from eating, binging, whatever. What I really really hate is when I am legitimately hungry. I don't have a real formula per se, but I try to do like a 300-400 calorie breakfast, maybe 600 between morning snack and lunch, and then try to save a 1000 for the mid afternoon snack, supper and if it is there, a night snack. But I really hate when I get that "groooooowwwwwllll" around 3, and I am already at a net of 1000 calories. I used to try to move calories around and say no snack since I am eating now. but that never really seems to work for me. I do the too early eating and then still have an evening snack. I usually try to get myself in the mode of thinking that I am hungry because I have done a good job not eating too many calories and that it means I am in a calorie deficit right now. do any of you have the same issue?

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  1. VEGGIES! I let myself eat all the raw veggies I want and don't really count the calories....I do a lot of cucumbers, broccoli, and sweet peas. I try to limit carrots since they are higher in carbs!