Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How did I ever forget how great this feeling is?

So today I am full of energy! I have been quickly getting my hyperness back online and it feels great! I remember when I was at my thinnest always being in go mode. one of the lamentations I have had over the past few months is how willing I am to come home, find my recliner, and wear it out! I woke up this morning and was not exactly all smiles, but after I got my first cup of coffee in me, I was suddenly a ball of energy that couldn't sit down for anything!! That is awesome because I have that energy, but not so awesome in that I needed to do homework today. Not looking too good for that right now... haha. So after I finished cup #2, I sprang into action. I got all the trash out, got the recycle loaded in my truck and ready to be taken to the drop off. I made a to do list of stuff I needed to for sure get done today and stuff that Kathy had asked me to do for sure today. So while I was waiting for the bank to open, since it was a pivot point of my morning plans not at the house, I decided to go ahead and get the leaves for the table down and inserted for tomorrow. After that, it was late enough for me to go do my banking through the drive through. I finished that, took the cans to sell, the recycle to drop off, and then headed home. I have a plan for Turkey day break. I am doing a 5k walk a day for three days in a row. The day before, the day of, and the day after. I got home and figured out my day and realized I had better go ahead and do the day before 5k ASAP so that I didn't get caught up and not do it. So off I headed. I forgot how great it is to just get out and move and think for a whole hour!! So when I finished that up, I hit a quick fruit and lunchmeat snack to help me recover from a 3 mile walk, and then decided it was time to fix the chairs. Now a week ago I would have been wiped out and channel surfing would have been the order for the remainder of the day. I actually spent two hours working on my chairs getting them fixed right this time. all that to say this. Why did I ever let my determination and vigor go to the way side and get my stupid self overweight and underexercised yet again? How could I have ever forgotten how crappy that felt and how great the energetic Shane felt? Falling back to my hindsight post, never again will I ever lose that sight!! I will keep moving and eating better for the remainder of my life!!

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