Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Sternum

I am a dork and I will freely admit it. I have lots of quirks. One of which is my obsession with my sternum. When I was working at getting to the mountaintop, I had a couple of "progress tests" I did all the time. First was when I woke up, I would place my hand on my sternum, and then move my hand down to my belly, checking for the "slope". In the beginning the "slope" was up from the sternum. However as I progressed, the hand started going "downhill". It was exciting when the sternum drop off became a cliff!! I also remember many family members expressing concern about the lump that was my sternum when I would hug them. They had gotten so used to my belly being the point of contact that the lump bothered them I guess! I even could feel it plainly and easily standing up just by quick touch. ONe of the thing I used to do while climbing back up the scales was to feel my sternum. I had rationalized myself into believing as long as it was still where could touch it, I was not putting on too much weight, right? Wrong. so added to the goal list, make friends with my sternum once again. get him out of that hidey hole and poking my relatives once again!!

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