Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Habit Forming Can Go Either Way For Me

Have you ever had a trait that was both a blessing and a curse? I have one that helped get me going on the road to weight loss and also helped knock me off of it. I form habits very easily. It doesn't take much. For example, today, I went out before first light and ran a mile. I hadn't been running outside of a morning because it wasn't light yet, but now that I did it once, I will way more than likely keep doing it. That is all it takes is a small breach into something to get me to do it regularly. Sounds great when that breach means I will now go out and run even if it isn't light yet. But it goes both ways. Say for example that on my long drive home next week, when I have ran that morning and had my now truncated calorie intake for the day. If I am starving when I head out for the hour drive home, and I say look this starving thing is ridiculous, I will just pull off the interstate, hit the McDonalds in Greenland real quick for some nuggets, and that will take care of that. Well like i said, if I do something once, it is likely to become a habit. So tomorrow, even if I am not one little bit of hungry, since I stopped yesterday to get nuggets, I am way more likely to just do it again. So as you can see, with great power comes great responsibility..... haha. I just know this. Now that I am back and tracking along real good, the road blocks I was setting up to make me fail are not so hard to run now. It is not hard for me to walk through the kitchen and never open the refrigerator door anymore, it is not hard for me to make the choice to whip out my phone and check calorie values on food when we are out and about, and it is not hard for me to go ahead, get my shoes on, and head out the door for a walk or a run. Next up, regular gym visits!

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