Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yup, That Did The Trick

I posted yesterday how blogging has helped me so much in my journey, and how I had been losing some momentum recently. I believe it all came rushing back after yesterday's post and a great day of eating and exercise! I went to bed last night after 1345 wonderful calories last night! I have not gone BELOW my limit in quite sometime! I liked it so much, I may try to get below limit tomorrow night too!

So I wonder, has anybody else become obsessed with numbers due to their logging food, calories burned, etc? I am not sure my new obsession is normal, but it is comforting to me and that is part of this journey right? Finding newer and better comfort zones. My newest obsession is now to figure out how many calories I have burned via BMR and exercise up that that point in the day and see what kind of calorie deficit I am in, and close to the end of the night, I figure out my calorie count for the day, add it the hours I will be asleep and my BMR calories burned and get a total for the day. I am trying even harder than ever to keep my calorie deficit in the 1000 a day range. I always get around that, sometimes more sometimes less but in that area. Is this a healthy way to spend my time? haha.

Oh man did I have my work cut out for me yesterday morning! I really had to push it to get my 5mph, 5 incline, 2.25 miles goal yesterday! My sore butt and legs were protesting strongly by about 3 minutes in and it takes 27 minutes to get to 2.25 miles! I usually get myself through by feeling good about getting to the first half mile, then the mile then the second mile and then it is a minutes countdown, but yesterday, I was pushing and huffing and digging deep folks! But I love that I CAN do that now. That was what struck me the most. 6 months ago, I didn't have the lung capacity or the muscles to even THINK about pushing it for 24 minutes past my comfort zone! Today, I CAN and DO! Another facet of my new self I am loving, when I get done working out, I am breathing hard and sweating hard, but 5 minutes later, I am good! I recover so fast now. It really is shocking to me.

Those are the yay things, but here is my boo thing. I am going through this phase where it looks to me, and i may not be the best judge of this, that an optical illusion is taking place. It seems my belly is growing bigger. I suspect my ab wall is tightening, and as it does it draws up the fat and skin I have in that area. I had a hellacious muffin top, and now I don't any longer. My guess is as I burn off the belly fat and the ab wall tightens, I will get a flatter belly. But man it sux to be looking like I am gaining weight when I am losing!

Well I have to go hop on the treadmill as usual. I am doing a pre programmed workout today, and likely gonna take tomorrow off so I can go jog at the park on Friday!! I get a little to excited about that huh? haha. Have a great day folks!

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