Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, February 21, 2011

Size 32 Baby!!

Oh what a glorious weekend and how sad to have to end it with a Monday morning dang it! ;-)

I had a mixed bag of a weekend diet wise. I was way overly super active with a Friday jog of 3 miles in 31 minutes and then helped my friend Jason begin to clean out his garage after a Honda Civic missile going 75 miles and hour ran through it. Then there was another 3 miles jog in 31 minutes on Saturday followed by a full day of shoveling debris and removing it from Jason's garage. We also had a fight with the carpet that was in his old laundry room. The car had leaked gas on the carpet and the smell in the house was bad. We tried a couple of different things before realizing the carpet had to come out. That was the most intense 45 minutes of a workout I have ever had trying to pull the glued down carpet up so we could alleviate the gas smell. I still have sore hands and forearms and shoulders from that! And yesterday, I spent an hour and a half carrying 8 and 9 year old girls on my shoulders up and down the roadside by the Girl Scout cookie booth we set up out by our Braum's restaurant. Did pretty good sales wise but my legs were tired from marching back and forth balancing a child on my shoulders. Funny enough, most of them weigh about as much as I have lost so far! Finished out the day by going to Lowe's and buying some pots and potting soil and a few pansies and I finally found another rubber tree plant like the one I had stolen a few years ago for 7 dollars! I snatched that up! Anyway, we came home and spend a couple of hours planting lilies and another flower Kathy had me plant, and then I repotted my philadendrum after I split it up and now it is two plants in two much nicer pots! This year I hope to make my back deck more of a pleasant jungle like area.

oops got off track there sorry. Buuuut anyway, my eating, while not anything I am gonna stress about, may have been better and if I had not had that whole box of Samoa cookies, I would have been in a huge calorie deficit for the weekend. My figures have me in a good deficit anyway, but it would have been a HUGE one without those damn cookies!! I am wishing I had not opened that box now, but that is the past and the future is the only thing I have control over.

This morning begins an angst ridden week for me now. I weigh in on Friday and the goal is to get to One-derland this week! I was at 201 last weigh in, so it seriously means I have to have dropped 2 pounds, and that should be a non issue as active as I have been and plan to be over the next few days. I also like that going to work and how busy my schedule is this week in outside activities will keep me on track diet wise. Add all that together and it is looking like a one hundred something pound Shane is on his way!

I had the thrill of a lifetime yesterday. I had asked Kathy about me maybe buying some jean shorts that fit soon because I am a shorts kind of guy when the warm weather gets here. I have always had nice legs and like to show them off. so we went to Wal Mart and she remembered my request and had me go try some on. I have been wearing 34's in pants at the office and some of them have had a bit of room in them lately, so she got me a 33 waist in a pair of shorts to try on. I went in the dressing room and put them on. I was pretty satisfied but went to see if they would be too tight on my hip bone and I stuck my thumb in to see what kind of room I had. My thumb fit easily in there and I could pull the waist away from me about a half inch!! I frikkin' bought size 32 inch waist shorts folks!!! I am feeling fairly confident that in 9th grade, I was wearing a 36!!!!! Seriously? Wow Wow Wow Wow, this lifestyle change is paying off in spades!!!! Thank and Glory to God's Name!! You are the Man sir!!!


  1. Morning, Shane.
    Great post. Great NSV with the shorts. Those kind of events keep us going. Love this line: "Funny enough, most of them weigh about as much as I have lost so far!" That is TANGIBLE evidence too that you can feel now all over your aching body about where you have been and where you are going!

    Did not know you were a planter. Me too. Although for now, I have stuff in pots in my house because of the winter. Will start seeds later this week for our gardens.

  2. Man, you sure were active, isn't it awesome.
    way to go on size 32s that is quite an accomplishment!! Woo hoo
    Ps. I like planting too lol, want to do an herb garden.

  3. Fabulous to reach a size you have dreamed of! Thats what all the hard work was for.Great news - great result. Well Done

  4. Size 32 tastes better than any plate of food you could consume, don't you think??? Congrats skinny boy!