Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 202-204 My Mission.... And I Choose To Take It!

Dang this is getting out of hand folks! My daily blogging has slipped and I have to admit, it is not something I like. I love to blog. Just seems like life keeps getting in the way lately. But to be honest, I am not putting a high enough priority on it either. I could have blogged yesterday but I didn't because I have become kinda complacent. Not in the exercise or eating phases of my journey, but just on the blogging aspect. I have been busier in general in my life, I don't deny that, but still, it takes 15 minutes of my day and I enjoy it, so I need to focus.

So one thing I have not mentioned in my last few blogs, and I have no idea why, is the fact that there is a a growing population of size large shirts and size 34 pants in this household! I have been picking up some tshirts and what not that are reasonably priced here lately. I am falling in love with Old Navy clothes now that i can wear them! It is such a rush to go into a store like that and know I can find something.....wait.... let me rephrase that. I should be able to find something. I have experienced a weird phenomena lately while clothes shopping. I used to be so hopeful that I would be able to find 3X shirts in places like Old Navy, and before this grand and wonderful journey began, I was accusing Wal Mart of being prejudiced against fat people all the sudden because their 3X clothes were becoming harder and harder to find. Now, I have to admit, it is hard to find the large clothes at Wal Mart! I saw a shirt I loved yesterday, thought it was pretty hot looking. it was 8 bucks so I was going to get it! Seriously, two mediums, 4 XL's and even 2 3X's!!! but no larges! dammit Jim! so no new shirt for Shane. But I do have some of those new breathable tshirts from Old Navy that I picked up last week! again, love those things!

I have a mission as the title says. I am, at last weigh in, at 205 pounds. In the past, it has been possible for me to lose as much as 8 pounds, with some good effort on my part, in two weeks. I have committed myself to making real efforts to try to get 6 pounds off before my next weigh in on February 11th. Now, I am realistic that my weight loss has slowed lately as I am in better shape and closer to a normal weight ( not close, just closer!) One thing I have changed up is that I started jogging first thing in the morning at home, rather than walking at Wal Mart before work. Somehow, that translated into me not walking at lunch like i used to, mostly due to sore muscles and partly due to laziness on my part. So I am committed to returning to my lunchtime workouts too. I also have abandoned my initiative to up my calories to 1800 calories a day. For some reason, 1500 calories a day has become my comfort zone. I know it is three hundred more calories, but it seemed I was having to FIND WAYS to get there, and it was not comfortable for me. I have began to be a bit more flexible in terms of if I get to 1600 for the day, I am ok with it, but I refuse to shoot for getting to 1800 if I am not close for the day. I am however a little concerned with a new habit I have formed. I am letting myself get a small snack right before I go to bed, like an 80 calorie cheese stick or maybe a banana or something like that. I would rather not do that. It is too permissive for my comfort. There I talked about it, that should make it a lot easier for me to deal with now! Wait, I got off my train of thought there.... haha. So anyway, I hope to get below 200 pounds on February 11th, but I also realize that it may not happen, so the Plan B in all this is that if I do not get there on the 11th, then I want to be close enough to it that the February 25th weigh in will see Shane in One-derland!!! Now I didn't ever talk about this, but back during my walks in Wal Mart during the mornings, I would often get this premonition that February had a special surprise for me in this journey. Now that the numbers are more clear, I believe that One-derland was what I was channeling! Is that weird sounding?


  1. I enjoy a guy who likes shopping! Wait for you verdict on Old Navy clothes. I like them the first few wears but find that they lose their shape very quickly.

    Re blogging - Do what feels right. Who says blogging every day is what's right for everyone? Blog with your heart - that's what matters.

  2. Sounds like you are doing great!! I miss your updates and I hope you find spare time to write about your day.

  3. Here's a little shopping tip for you: I highly recommend that you check out the clothes in Express and Banana Republic. I don't know if you have either of those clothing stores near you. I know that they are both more expensive than Walmart, but you can usually find really good deals during holiday times. Both of those stores would have clothing appropriate for work (nice dress shirts and slacks) but are a little trendy too. I find a lot of my hubby's clothes at Kohls because they have great deals, too!

    I hear you about the blogging. I've been a little complacent about it lately too, and I keep having to remind myself that I still have some information inside of me that I can share with others and help them along their own weight loss journey too. You have that info inside you too...so share what you know, share what you're doing, share the differences of NOW versus THEN. Remember, you can make a difference!