Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And Yet Another Change

So I was thinking about the fact I have been spotty on my blogging lately. I am not sure it is as big of a deal as I am making of it. I just have been busy and by the time I think of doing it, I am still busy or tired or something, something keeps me from doing it. And I think one of the things that is creating this feeling of guilt for not blogging every day is the fact that I put my day number on the post. So if I am not here for a couple of days, then it shows me that, then the guilty feelings set in. So, this morning, it hit me. I am not REQUIRED to put the day number on my post! So, I am going to stop doing it. I am still going to aspire to blog as often as possible, but if life gets in the way, well then I am not going to give myself a reason to feel guilty when I don't. There I feel like a weight has been lifted.

So, apart from Super Bowl Sunday's debacle, I have been doing great! Even in all the dang snow we have been having, I am cruising along! I am hopeful that my One-derland miracle happens tomorrow, but my instincts tell me I am not gonna see it tomorrow. I am pretty good at this guessing too. It won't be for lack of effort, as I have gone on to jogging in the morning and walking 2.25 miles at lunch, but my gut tells me my One-derland miracle will happen on February 25th. if it does happen tomorrow morning, I promise, you will hear about it. And not on blogger or Facebook, I mean you will literally hear me yell!

I was chillaxin' for a minute in my recliner the other day and kinda sorta fell asleep. I was laid out in my relaxed position and when I woke up, I saw this:

It really did hit me that I have made some amazing and crazy changes! I remember many days of making a joke of my huge belly by beating it like a bongo and proclaiming I was ripe, and all sorts of jokes. That belly, he isn't around anymore! It is something that you would think would be commonplace by now, but I have to admit, I am always in awe each time I realize the changes I have made. I think that is a key to being successful in maintenance mode. Keep on being thankful for the changes and never take them as "normal" now.

I am snowed and iced in for yet another day today. I have decided that I am going to assign myself projects today. First off, I am going to be getting my usual workout in this morning. Then I a going to take a second pass through my closet and get rid of even more clothes that don't fit me anymore as I have been slowly but surely picking up a few clothes here and there that fit me. I still have some shopping to do, but I will get there eventually. I am also going to work on the garage some today I think. I am going to have to figure out how to put my workout stuff out there cause Kathy wants our spare bedroom back now. And that is ok, I get that. But our garage is bad about being a catch all and my organizational skills are nearly non existent. but that is an advantage because that will give me something to work on today and if I am bad at it, it will take me awhile... haha.

Well I better get after the treadmill this morning. I really really look forward to being able to get outside for jogging when the weather warms up. I have even been planning routes to jog around my area when the time comes. I have lots of hills and stuff around here, so I should be able to get in some really good shape this spring and summer! Have a great day ya'll!


  1. Don't feel bad when life gets in the way and you can't blog. Get back when you can, because I love seeing your progress.

    Picture looks great! I had the same realization yesterday. I looked down and didn't see this massive belly sticking out past the boobs. It was great!

  2. I agree don't feel bad, we will all be here when ya do.
    you're achievements are so inspiring

  3. Good change! It's funny how certain things hit us and we go oh ya. Looking GREAT by the way. I bet we do hear you yell. :D

  4. Hey, don't feel bad about not blogging. I used to blog all the time, then felt my posts were wearing thin-no substance. Now I post when I find something interesting to say, and avoid the chatter cause it bores me, and I don't want to bore anyone else! Your blog is for you, do what you like! Your belly pic is interesting cause just the other day I thought how nice it was to look down and see my belt buckle without having to look in the mirror.

    Polar's Mom

  5. I am right with you in terms of catching yourself as a "thinner" person. It is hard to shed that mindset of being obese and to see yourself shaping down, so for me, I don't think I will take in as commonplace anytime soon.

    You have come along way, Shane. Not only your belly, but, look at those legs!!

    Thanks so much for all your comments today on my before and "during" pictures. You are such a great pal. We are in this together and will see each other successful. You, me, we are going to do this!!

    Not that I like for you to have another ice/sleety, snowy day: but, consider it a gift for catching your breath. You have been working very hard: not just on health, but, in moving yourself forward in so many other ways with school and your family.

  6. You definitely do not have a belly anymore! Congrats, and great job on the weigh-in this week!