Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 6 Building On Successes

Remember in yesterday's post, I talked about how I was successful all day even with going out to eat? Well right up to the offer of free cake anyways. I also said yeah that was not the best choice I could have made, but what I was choosing to take away from yesterday was that I was successful for far more of the day than I was not successful. Today, I was down at my mom's house waiting on Kathy to be done working when her and Dad offered to take us out to eat at the steak house, which is what they call the Western Sizzlin' here in VB. We accepted and went right on with them. Well I am not a huge fan of their steaks and quite frankly, I had the urge for a good salad, and they do have a great salad bar there. Well it is actually cheaper to get the food bar than it is to get the salad bar for some reason, so I did. I got my salad and loved every bite of it. I was particularly pleased with myself for going very sparingly with the bleu cheese dressing, since I usually soak a salad down with dressing. I had also spotted some fried okra and some baby back ribs on the way back to the table, so I went back for them, but in very sparing portions. I also grabbed some steamed broccoli while I was at it. I finished off my meal with a few slices of kielbasa. So having been to this bar many times before, it was a far better bet that I was going to hit up the sweets section than it would be that I was going to completely ignore it. But if you had been betting against me tonight, you would have lost!!! Not even a sniff of ice cream, cookies, cobbler, NOTHING! I came home and entered all my food on my app that I track calories with and I came in with 100 calories left for the day!! and I haven't done my walk for the day yet, so I should be in the 750 calorie deficit for the day range!! How awesome is that? Building on small success baby!!

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  1. One step at a time!!!

    You are motivating me to actually log onto my blog and POST! :-)