Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 15 & 16 Found and Lost and Found Again Maybe?

All through my youth, I was never a runner. Not a fast runner, not a distance runner. Running just sucked. Somewhere along the way in v1.0, I decided that walking was too boring for me now. So I took up jogging. I remember it was a day in March. I had dropped my wife and her mom off to get their nails done, and went to the park where I had taken to walking on their 3/4 mile path. I decided well I am just going to jog a lap, then walk the next mile and a half. So I took off in a nice easy jog, expecting to be winded about 1/4 down the way and gut out the last half mile. But I did not get winded. In fact, I finished that lap, and then I was feeling so good, I did another! And that day, the runner I never knew was in me peaked his head out and said hi. From that point, running became an obsession. I ran 6 days a week. I got better and better and better. I won second place in my first 5k. I was feeling great!! Every morning, I was read to run. Then along came law school, and I had an 8 a.m. class. Not a big deal right? well the thing is, I go to school 55 miles away. I also had to catch a bus after I got to the parking lot to get up to campus. I was having to leave at 6 just to be sure not to be late for class. And there went my running habit. I have lamented losing my runner every since I have gotten out of the habit. But it was not anybody else's fault but my own. If I had been diligent, I would have started running at night, or found some other way to make it happen. but I didn't. I didn't defend the part of me I had found so dear. I say all that to say this. Thursday night, Kathy made me go to the gym with her. It was not a hey do you want to go, it was get your shoes on, you have done nothing all day so you are going to the gym with me. Needed that. So we get there and it is pretty full. There happens to be one treadmill left. I hop it and start walking. But that was not very fulfilling. So I decided to jog a LIGHT jog. So for the next twenty minutes, I alternated between walking 5 minutes and jogging 5 minutes. It felt good! real good. So we headed out to the gym again on Saturday, and again, I hopped the treadmill. This time, it was the same pace, but I jogged for ten straight minutes. walked a bit, then jogged either 3 or 4 more minutes!! I started to remember that feeling, and man was I loving it again! I love when all my muscles are working in concert while I run. I just feel like a machine!! I didn't run this morning because 1. I got up late and we have church and 2. my hamstrings are killing me! But I plan to begin to start running first on Monday morning, then finish out walking. I am not setting a get to this distance mark yet for running, but once I get to a mile straight, I am going to start pushing it again. Again, I am making goals rather than pinballing about on my path to health!

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