Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, August 4, 2014

Stop Choosing The Excuse, Start Choosing the Solution

I have kinda slow played the fact that I have been kinda working out at lunch. I say kinda because I haven't really been consistent with it. It has been a hit and miss thing since I have gotten hired here. I mostly go because my colleagues go and it is one more way to hang out with the guys. But when I don't go, you can bet it is because I tell myself I am too busy, and I would rather not workout with a hard deadline to be done by. I choose the excuse. But that is my newest excuse made up after I actually started to go kind of consistently for a bit. Before that was the excuse, I am a morning person, I like to work out in the morning. However, since Kathy took that spot from me by starting to meet her friend at the gym at 5 a.m., now I am screwed. I can never workout at lunch, and I am not likely to workout at night! Oh the excuses, I got'em!!

But here is the thing. Excuses got me where I am now. Choosing the solutions got me where I wanted to be before. So what if I have a hard deadline? Getting in a quick 30 minutes of cardio or weight training is BETTER THAN an hour sitting behind my desk looking at Facebook, and probably snacking the whole time. So what if I am a morning person. Obviously working out in the morning is not an option now. But working out at lunch is. And I have friends to go with. People that I could ask to make me accountable. I think far too often we know the solutions are sound, we just don't like them for some inane reason or another. Besides, it is easier to not do than it is to do. But again, that is how I got to where I am, and clearly don't want to be. When I look back, I am not sure how I could have kept up my running regimen the same as I was doing before law school, but I think if I had been purposeful in my decision making, I would have found a way. I just chose the excuse.

I am quitting again. I am quitting choosing the excuse. I want solutions, and from now on, I will seek them out with an open mind and determination to put them into action. I may not be able to always go to workout during lunch, based on the uncertainty of my dockets, but more often than not I can, and I will go when the docket permits.

I also use the excuse that if I can't run around my block, then I am not going to walk it. That is my pride getting in the way there. It has really been a sore spot with me that I cannot run like I used to. And one of my problems is that I can run some, still have the lungs and hard headedness to ignore my muscles during the run, but my muscles and joints hurt pretty bad the next few days, to the point that I actually cannot run then. So basically I can get one good run in a week. But from now on, I walk away from my pride hang up. I need to walk before I can run. Literally. I also have historically ignored the recumbent stationary bikes at the gym. I have used one a few times over the past couple of months. I have to admit it is a different workout than running and gets different muscles sore. I plan to not make the excuse that the bikes are just not as cool as me running on a treadmill. I will utilize the bikes as a recovery from my treadmill wokouts. I can handle the muscles pain on a bike, and my joints don't take the pounding.

Like the song in Frozen says, you got to let it go!! Choose the solutions, ignore the excuses.

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