Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Prison

Monday, when I was push mowing my front yard, I started to do some thinking. I was really enjoying the day, the weather, the activity I was engaging in. Then my thoughts turned to the fact that I just don't seek this out enough. If I am being honest, apart from what I HAVE to go do, I spend the vast majority of my time in what I am now dubbing "my prison cell." The living room and kitchen are separated by a wall in my house. So within a 20 square foot area, I have my recliner and my refrigerator. I spend a lot of time in my recliner, usually with my nose buried in my iPad. The most common reason I get up out of my recliner? To go to the refrigerator to get food, or if I am feeling feisty, I walk all the way to the pantry in the utility room to get food. Heck I rarely get out of the recliner when I am playing with the kids in the house. That thing has a magnet and my butt is metal is seems like!

So I am adding a new goal to my get at least half hour of strenuous activity 5 days a week. I will also avoid my "prison cell" at least until 8 o'clock at night. I haven't decided for sure how I will avoid it. If nothing else I could go sit on the deck. Heck that may work because every time I walk out there, I see something I need to be doing. Here is to Project Prison Break!!

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  1. PPB... I get it. Totally. Recently, I realized I hadn't enjoyed my recliner once in the last few months. Not one time. I'm either at work--out doing things---and when I am home, I'm at my desk on this computer...The place we choose to keep ourselves might be different--but the dynamic is the same...Giving myself a different perspective occasionally---and allowing myself to relax and enjoy moments where I'm not in Go, Go, Go mode--is important for my overall well being.