Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pick A Starting Point

One of my favorite jobs before my current profession was as a set up guy. My job was to get the tooling out for a new work order, apply it to the proper base machine, and set it up so that the part it was fixing to run was in dimension and met quality control standards. For whatever reason, while in a production run, the part would go out of specifications or some defect would pop up, and so my next duty was to go figure out why that was happening. Often times I had an idea when the operator came to tell me what was happening, but sometimes I had no idea. On the occasions I had no idea, my approach was to try adjusting things I thought may have caused it. But when that was also ineffective, I had a different approach. I just started somewhere. I made an adjustment, any adjustment, and looked to see if it made any difference one way or the the other. I just picked a spot and began to apply change.

I am starting to realize that my problem is much bigger than I ever thought. What sucks about that is that unpacking all that has led to 3 days of me being even worse than ever eating/exercising/attitude wise. Today, I pick a spot. My first spot is that at least 5 days a week, I am going to exercise. Whatever that may be. I may walk, I may go life weights, I may hop the treadmill or stationary bike. But I will at least exercise.


  1. Your analogy drawn from previous experience is POWERFUL. Your approach is simplistic, doable and SMART.

    1. Thank you Sean. I am not a fan of being left in a floating state. I had to take action, and just see if my choice worked. So far so good!