Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yeeeaaaah Baby!

I am pretty pumped. I ran my 5k this morning and I didn't suck. I ran one in November and my time was 33 minutes and change. Today, 31 minutes and less change. I only got to train for one week, so I am not gonna get mad at myself. i am working back to the 20's baby!

I am also going all high tech on my calorie tracking. LiveStrong has a great app that has a big database for calorie values and calories burned values for your activities. I have been doing a good job since I started tracking again. It really makes you think everytime you put food in your mouth for sure.

So I guess the point in this post is to say, I am back! Watch out 2012, I see a lower 5k time, a likely 10k and a possible 1/2 marathon in my future! I also see a scale number of 190 or who knows, maybe lower! It's on!

Oh by the way, Kathy started her a blog! I am so excited! She has a friend that has lost 135 pounds and part of her process was blogging, so Kathy's ears perked up. Looking forward to seeing her progess! I will try to find the link to it and put it on here next post. See ya'll.

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