Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, May 15, 2017

What Works, Works

As I have said before and probably will again, this journey cannot be based off or tied to in any way the one I had 2010-2011. This is its own living entity, and I can't try to muddy it with being mad about not holding on to the success I had previous. However, if something works, you don't have to ignore it just because of its affiliation right?

I have been trying to get going on blogging better, and it hasn't really took. I think some of the issue is I tried to do it during the morning hours. I am going nuts then, so it was getting squeezed in. But the second part of that equation is that while I was thinking about my spotty blogging habits, I remembered one thing about 2010-2011 blogging that I had forgotten. I did it at night ALWAYS. And I think that is significant for a few reasons. First, I am finally wound down for the day and can devote some open ended time to it. Second, I require myself to think and focus to blog. I have severe self control issues at night, so I think at least to some signficant degree, the blogging at night helped me with my snacking in the evening issues. I have always been good for the first half of the day and the early part of the afternoon. But at night, it is a different story.

I am going to start blogging at night again. I am even going to set an alarm on my phone to get myself in the habit for a couple of weeks. I think if nothing else, it can't hurt.

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  1. I suffer from comparing this journey to my 2010-2011 journey also... I was soooo successful back then... but now is now and I am in a different place but comparison to myself is HARD I am not very forgiving...