Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 4 What Will Thursday Hold?

Today is Thursday. So what you say? Well to me, Thursdays hold a lot of sway when I am once again trying to swing my leg over the side and get back on the wagon of health and fitness. Anybody can kick butt for 3 days straight, I am pretty sure. But day 4, otherwise known as Thursday, is generally where the leg starts slipping off the side of the wagon. So today, I am going to not sit around dreading the inevitable quietly in the back of my mind. Today, I talk about the fact that Thursday is a waypoint for me. If I make it to bed tonight, and I have worked out (done with that part) and kept myself honest in a calorie budget, then I will have a reason to let out a victory cry. Stacking up four good days, how can you possibly beat that?

But another battle has started today already. As I was driving back from the gym, I began to feel hunger pangs. Now in non-health and fitness seeking mode, I am never hungry in the morning. Afternoons, oh yeah, but not morning. So I whipped up a protein shake the minute I stepped through the door and it filled me up pretty quick. Now the question is, will it keep me until mid-morning snack? Where is the battle you say? Well, back to it being Thursday. If I turn out to be hungry as a bear before the right time to have a snack, then I have the tendency to eat A LOT instead of a reasonable mid-morning snack. And once that happens, we all know the next step. Well, I am off track for this day already, may as well just do what I want, and start again tomorrow. And once again, we all know that is a risky proposition. Will you start again tomorrow? Maybe, but you already knocked down a block off the stack of good things you have been doing all week. Once you knock one down, what are the chances you put two or three more in its place? I hope to learn that skill, but I think the stack has to be a bit higher and more stable before I try myself right now.

I am also debating about seeing dietician, to find out how to battle another issue I face when counting calories and working out at the same time. Severe hunger. I don't mean I get kinda hungry, I mean sometimes I feel completely hollow. I know that sounds weird but it is the best way I know to describe it. I feel like if you put that famous 72 oz steak in front of me, I would eat it and see if there was any more in the back. I am guessing maybe that would be an indicator that I need to maybe up my calorie bank, but I would like someone smarter than me to tell me that so I am not just being a rationalizer.

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  1. my DD went to a nutritionist (same thing? kinda sorta?) and she said they were super helpful! Good luck to you and yeah me too 4 days in a row is HUGE not sure I have made it more than 6 days in a row in like years!!! hummm maybe something to shoot for!!!