Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Type A Personality Trying To Do A Type B Personality Life Style Change Plan

I am who I am. I see a problem and when I get revved up about it, I want to kill it right now! I want results and I want them 30 seconds ago. I would say that I am probably the quintessential Type A personality in most aspects of life. The problem is, I was able to identify that I believe that the last and all other weight loss successes likely were unsuccessful because I attacked them, conquered them, then made no actual changes that stuck. My thought for this go around: Lose it slow doing things that will be sustainable and will be my norm when I am in maintenance mode.

Wow does that sound like a genius plan? Yup. But it is also a Type B personality plan. Take it slow and steady and be consistent in small changes. Yeah that is a problem for me. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go visit the State Capital with a group I am affilliated with here in the County. We toured lots of places and lots of pictures were taken by many of my colleagues. Inevitably, I was in a few of them. I was on Facebook and saw that I was tagged a lot, so I went and looked at the pictures. I almost immediately had the thought go through my head "how is it that 2 months into doing this, I am still looking that bad?!?!" I had the minor freak out, then centered myself back to an important realization. My whole stated goal is to not lose weight fast, but to lose it slow and in a manner that I can maintain at the time I go into maintenance phase. I am needing to adopt a Type B personality for that plan. Man it is going to be hard! Especially knowing I have the ability to go all Type A and be where I want in less than a year.

Here's to making a major change while trying to make a major change!

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  1. Shane, you and I really are walking on a similar path. Trying to be type B is tough; and I'm not even sure if it's possible for guys like you and me.