Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, February 9, 2015

Guest Blogger- Meet My Motivator

Hi, I'm Shane's wife. The one that has changed the food choices around the house. Not everyone is happy about it all the time but, that's life.

My journey has changed since I have started and stopped dieting for as long as I can remember. This time I started with all hopes of having surgery. Lets just leave it at that did not pan out. I have known my whole life I have a weight problem. A depression problem comes with that. I would get defeated when the scale wouldn't move. I would bring others down with me. I would say isn't this so yummy. It's only one time. Those are all lies.

Now Shane tells everyone about my No Excuses mantra, and I mean it! But, What comes from that is so much more. As, I'm working hard at it saying "God thank you for all these new tools I have learned about how I can do this" Then I hear the lie you can't do this. You can't keep this up all the time. But, I am still pushing forward. No excuses!

The lady that owns our gym said you are starting my class this Friday. I said "ummm not sure." Don't sign this girl up for something called Combat Cardio. Well, we started; me, my daughter, and my bestie. We now get up at 4:35 and at the gym by 5. I like to be a little early. (not a morning person) So, we have started and it took the whole weekend for me to want to move my body again. It's Monday and we have to do this again! By the end of that week I thought if my body is going to be this sore I better start eating better or this just ain't worth it.

Back to not having the surgery. I had to see a nutritionist to get approved for surgery. So, I know what I should be eating and how much water I need to be drinking. About week two I am praying; I need more to help me with this. I just need something. Well, something shows up in form of a book called Made to Crave. This was handed to me from my smiling, ready to encourage you workout leader. So, I thought I can dedicate myself to 15 minutes of reading a day. I did that. This book has shown me so much truth in my life. It's not a diet book. Or a self help book. It did help me admit my sin. I have found so much freedom in that. I gave it to God. He gave me this body and this life. I'm going to live it! God gets me out of bed in the morning, some days I say we get out of bed (God and me). I thank him as I workout when I don't want to move anymore. Now when we bless our food for the nourishment of our bodies I truly mean it. I want nourishment. My journey like I said earlier has changed. It's a faith journey. Thanks for reading my guest blog on Shane's blog form.

His wife Kathy


  1. You go, Kathy! Made to Crave is a wonderful book; Lysa Terkeurst is a great speaker/author.

  2. Well Said! It's always a bonus when both partners are traveling the path together. I'll have to check out that book; I'm currently reading "Tha Marshmallow Test". t's great that you are reading, the journey is so much more than just the physical actions. Best of luck!