Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sooooo Close!!

I been saying soooooo close here lately. I tried on my goal shirt this past Friday. Soooooo close to fitting like I want it to. I made it a goal to get my running intervals to a 5 mph average. I am averaging 12:30 a mile on the run intervals, so I am sooooo close. I vowed to be a smart eater all three days of our Texas trip. I had too much shrimp on Saturday night. I was sooooo close.

The best part is, I was also soooooo far away. Soooo far away from what all of that would have looked like 6 months ago. I didn't even have a real goal regarding getting into smaller clothes. I wasn't running but maybe once or twice a month. And I wasn't putting any REAL effort into curbing my bad eating habits. All of those were on my mind, but none of them were in my life! So long story short, being so close was not a loss, but a major major win!!

Far too often, I think that we set out with goals, and if we don't meet them exactly, we only focus on the fact that we didn't get to the finish line like we wanted to. But in reality, if you shot for 5 pounds lost in a month, but only lost 3, so frikkin' what? You lost 3 pounds dude/dudette! It is 3 pounds less than you weighed last month! It is progress. Learn to celebrate, not deflate!!

I am now resetting my goals to the exact same thing, just giving myself two weeks to get them accomplished. And if in two weeks, I am still a little off on the shirt, as long as it is a bit looser than it was Friday, sweet! If I am averaging 12:15 a mile on run intervals, awesome. I moved forward and will be soooooo close to the end goal.


  1. It's amazing how often we miss our goals and then instanly forget the progress that was made. To me, I woud rather have hard goals because then when you do hit them, they actually mean something to you. If you are constantly hitting every goal you set out for, then most likely you ae sandbagging it!

    1. FG, I actually have both. I have goals I can reach in a relatively quick manner, and I have goals waaaaay out there I am also shooting for. For example I am close on the shirt goal and the running pace goal. I can get to those sometime within the next two weeks or a month. But my much bigger goals, long ways away. I want to fit in a size large shirt and size 34 pants. I want to complete a 1/2 marathon. I want to have little to no concern about when and what I am going to eat next. I want to be off both my blood sugar and my cholesterol meds. but for now, the shirt and the running and the sensible eating will do!

  2. What a terrific attitude! :-)