Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 1 v2.0

So my wife just came back from the gym pumped up from a great workout. My wife lost 4 pounds this week. Notice I am not in any of those sentences with great declaration in them? Yeah, I am not there. So after a good talk with my mom and a rereading of day 1 of this blog, I am thinking counting down the days of good and consistent activity and an ongoing monologue about my triumphs and tragedies of the days that follow this one, maybe I can find that fire, that burn that got me going the first time. I took the best punch that law school had to offer and now I need to get up, dust off and get back to the Shaniac ( thanks Kenz for that moniker!) So day 1 version 2.0 here we go! Ok, I wrote the above as I was waiting in Kathy to finish showering after which we were going to be going to get Lauren from our friends the Hunters. So while we were out, we decided to have some lunch. Epic fail on my part. We went to Harry's Hamburger Barn, a nice little local restaurant downtown. I got the Cajun Burger, which is huge, and the fries that come with it. I realized how big the burger was and decided to formulate this plan of don't eat all the burger, and don't but a few of the fries. Well as per my usual MO as of late, fail and fail. I can honestly say I don't get what it is that I am missing here. Where did the lock tight, on course, no problem with self discipline Shane go? I have to find that guy. I have to bring him back and get him back to work. I need some sort of victory, I need something. so here is my goal. I will finish this day out successfully. I will have a sandwich for supper, I will get me a walk in tonight, and tomorrow morning. Those are small goals, but that is how big goals get met, several small goals met. Onward and downward!


  1. The first few days are always the hardest but once you get in a groove it will get easier. Unfortunately, it never ends though. We (those of us that struggle with weight and eating healthy portions) must be consistent! Good luck and remember that as long as you keep trying, you have a chance to get to where you long to be...