Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Break In The Heat!!

God was kind enough to throw the River Valley a bone yesterday and last night when I got home, it was in the 80's!! Here lately, I have been coming home to 106 degrees every night, and it has kept me penned up inside till about 9 at night! So when I pulled in the drive way, I had these dreams of getting supper over and heading outside for some working! Remember when you were a kid and something big was coming up and the day finally got there? How you were just busting at the seams to get going at whatever it was? I was like that yesterday. Kathy still had supper in the oven at 5:30 when I got home, so I rushed and got changed into clothes for working outside. Well supper was ready by then, so we sat down to eat. We also got Lauren for the night, so we did our bible study too after we ate. I was all ready to get to gettin' outside when Kathy held me up yet again and said she was going to cut my hair while it was cooler too!! By this time I was all sorts of bent out of shape! I told her my hair was fine but she stood her ground and shockingly, she won that round too! So FINALLY I got to head out and do some work and it was great. I got all the brush from the back yard cleaned up and in a pile, I got the picnic table moved back to its spot and the saw horses too. I clean up the messes the dogs and the kids had made in the back yard. I also finally got around to partially detailing my little truck. I have had it back since February and hadn't cleaned it up once, so it was in dire need. I was feeling pretty good about myself by the time I came in and sat down for the night. So cool that rather than constantly putting things off "till later", I am bursting at the seams to get things done nowadays!!

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  1. Progress on work and a built in workout - now that's an evening well spent! ;)