Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Importace Water Plays For Me

I am not a fan of just water. If I am going to like water at all, it has to be really cold. But generally, I drink flavored drinks. So I had this epiphany last night that water is important for me because it trains me to get over the lack of flavor in something I am consuming. Because at least part of my poor eating habits has to do with the fact that I only eat what I like the taste of, and almost all my absolute favorite foods are completely horrible for a healthy lifestyle. Pizza, Taco Bell, greasy burgers, Chinese food with all the sauce!! I love them all! But the fact that I love them all sets off an unhealthy mindset. If I like a piece of pizza, I will love the whole thing!! If I order tacos, order 6! Or my favorite lack of logic, can't have just the burger, you gottta get the fries too!!

I have been drinking tons of water here lately. I have a cup of coffee at the house, one at the office, and one diet Mountain Dew sometime in the afternoon. But the rest is water water water. I bet I am drinking at least 96 oounces a day if not more. It doesn't bring me he buzz I get when I drink a flavored drink and my taste buds smile. What it does bring me is the knowledge that water while not delicious to me, it is healthy for me. Now, I am able to use that logic with food. I have changed the menu up with the help of my wife, and my foods are quite a bit different now. I eat lots of vegetables and less meats, I drink almond milk with my new not crappy cereal for breakfast. I have a small lunch now rather than going all out and the lunch is a wrap with lean meat and vegetables.

The tide is turning, and I like the way it is playing out. Thanks goes up to the Man Above for getting my head screwed on straight finally and for making this effort stick!!

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