Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diversify Your Investments

People are people. As much as we like to think we are individuals, we are more alike than we would care to admit. For example, if 100 people were to go on a diet at the same time, and we asked each one of them what their goal is, each of them would tell you that they have a goal weight. Why is that? We all seem to want to measure our progress with a factor that is trackable, that shows progress in a tangible way. I call BS on using the "what does the scale say?" method. Why is that? I will tell you. Much like in the economic world, you have to diversify your investments for success. You can't put all your money in that volatile stock, you also have to find that safe investment that may not realize great gains, but will make sure you don't lose what you invested in it. When you are on the train for getting healthier, you can't simply look at a scale number, you have to recognize all the mile markers. Look for those non-scale victories!

I have been back on track of eating better for the most part and getting MUCH more organized exercise in, as well as being more active in my life generally, such as playing outside for an hour with the kids, or doing housework on weekend mornings rather than sitting around reading my ipad. I hopped on the scale recently, and I had lost a whopping 1 pound. That's it, just one measly pound. And that seems discouraging. But here are the things I can't write down on paper that I have recognized to have changed. My pants are baggy, the tensile strength of my 2X shirts is no longer being tested, and when I walk now, it is no longer an effort. I glide along, all light an airy like!! And lastly, when I am sitting down and realize that I need to go do something, I don't immediately try to figure out how I can put it off and sit more, I just get up and do it!! So look here Mr. Scale, you will not define my progress, you will not steal my thunder, you will not hold me back anymore!


  1. May is No Scale Month. Or at least, that's what I saw on Facebook today. We are not defined by a number (even though it's nice to have the validation).
    Hang in there. Don't be discouraged if it seems like no one is reading your blog and commenting. I find you quite the inspiration and I love reading your thoughts about your journey.
    Be blessed.

  2. I keep you on my blogroll along the left hand side of my blog--and everyday I hope to find something from you. I understand if you're busy and other priorities are taking your attention. I imagine in your profession, you never have a shortage of things that must be done stat!!
    I just wanted to drop by and offer some words of encouragement. Echoing the anonymous comment above, you're spot on about not letting the scale define anything about you, in success, or perceived failure. The scale is only a statistic and it only tells a small part of the overall story that is you. You're so awesomely right about all of the other things the scale can't see--because the scale is often blind, your honor. If you've ever felt a verdict and subsequent sentence in a case was too harsh, exceeding the crime--perhaps it was the scales of justice not taking into account all of the other elements in play...of course, there must be an uncompromising standard for the scale, because without it--we could rationalize away almost every offense and it would be chaos... Having a peace and clarity about your journey and recognizing what the scale doesn't (which are the most important things anyway) is a golden perspective, Shane.
    My best advice is to keep writing, when you can, when your schedule allows. It's therapeutic. And that's the point, the personal benefit.
    As the previous comment alluded, try to re-frame your perspective if indeed you're feeling like, "nobody reads this, so why bother?" If I could share with you-- I wrote my blog everyday for the first 200 days before I had more than a handful of readers...I would have long stretches, 20-30, sometimes many more days in a row without a single comment---and it didn't matter... I kept writing, kept going---kept benefiting from the peace and clarity getting it out of my head on paper provided me...suddenly, more and more started reading, maybe they realized--"this guy isn't going away anytime soon," I don't know... It does feel good when you realize your voice is being heard and you have an audience for your thoughts, struggles, successes and philosophies---but it feels even better to have those elements--the articulating of them, dramatically enhance your trek. You inspire me to dig deeper in my spirituality--bringing me closer to God. I've had a bumpy relationship there for many years... So if you ever think your influence isn't felt and appreciated, I'm here to remind you, with all due respect, you're wrong. My best, Sean