Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 172 Ostrich Anyone?

So this morning, as I was checking my blood sugar when I woke up, I realized something. I was totally an ostrich before. You know, the bury your head in the sand bird? Yeah I was that way. I knew my blood sugar would be high, so I didn't check it. I knew that the scale would not say what I wanted, so I avoided it. I knew the doctor would tell me how unhealthy I am, so I avoided him. All those things were life as old "pre-journey Shane". Now, I am eager to check my blood sugar every time I turn around, I love the scale and I am anxious to get to the doctor and have just a regular physical done in which he says " those are some good numbers there Shane!

Tell me some stories about how you avoided anything that reminded you of your failure in the diet and health department.

Ok, here is the best comparison/contrast picture set ever! Picture No. 1, me on New Years Eve 2009:

And now a picture from New Year's Eve 2010:

kinda crazy to see it like that. Woo hoo!!


  1. I like that you are holding a hotdog in the first picture. LOL. Amazing pictures!

    I avoid everything. The ob/gyn to be specific. Had some really bad experiences (weight wise) with them and I don't go nearly enough.

  2. Wowser, holy poop. You look great. I see you are almost out of obese BMI land-good for you!!!! Looking forward to seeing more great progress from you in 2011!

    Polar's Mom

  3. You look so different! Proud of you! I avoided all kinds of things like conversations about diet, the scale, eating in public. There's a whole bunch more I'm sure. Things are so different now!

  4. LOVE the pics!! What an awesome difference :D

  5. Before pic - burger in hand.

    After pic - Wii remote in hand, getting some exercise in.


  6. Great pics! Thanks for your comment on my blog. First, try some protein bars. I like the ones that have about 20 grams of protein or so. I used to not eat them because they are like 170-210 calories and that went way over what I liked to eat on WW. But now that i am not doing WW I learned that eating protein keeps me fuller and satisfied for longer. I have tried a bunch of different ones and I can let you know my faves if you are interested. But, mainly, I am just excited to have figured out *how* to ward off the hunger that makes me lose control and eat bad things :)
    Second, for me I used to be avoidant to the scale(and doctors too!) when I didnt want to see what it said after poor eating. But not now. That was an Old habit of mine. I have been eating well and have decided not to get on it and to enjoy how I am eating/feeling without the scale. Mainly, I decided to do this because I have hit a wall with my weight loss for the past several months. I have been in the same 5 lb range. I have pushed the exercise and ate pristine but still couldnt get the scale to budge. So, its time to enjoy my weight loss and not be frustrated with the scale.

    Great post today. Loved it!

  7. Tell me some stories.... Okay! Stand by me excuse, I'm to busy. To busy to care about me, to care for me, etc... And so I didn't. Just went through the motions of life and all that busy-ness I was good at taking care of. All of it and I didn't include myself. Bad.. :( I still struggle with this. I'm tired of waking up in the middle of something and finding myself. I want to stay found all the time. :)

    Those are great photos! Thanks for sharing.