Losing It For The Family

Losing It For The Family

Monday, May 14, 2012

Renew your mind daily

I have a new tool in the toolbox that I intend on using a lot in this new journey. I have begun to attend church regularly and my faith in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit have blossomed. I am by no means well settled into my walk with Christ, but I am well under way. I read the Bible each morning now (not to say that I don't miss a day here or there, but it is a priority to read it more mornings than I do not) and I am not good at quoting book, chapter and verse, but I do remember the gist of scriptures pretty regularly, and one of my favorite ones can be applied to just about all facets of life, not just your walk in faith. "Do not conform to the ways of this world. But renew your ind daily so that you may know God's will- his good, pleasing and perfect will". What I get from this, take a few minutes each day, first thing, and give God your first and best. But after that, you can set your mind up for the day. For example, I did my reading plan this morning and then when I was done meditating on the scriptures, I took the next few minutes to meditate on my goals for the day. I wanted to get a walk in this morning (did it Kenz!) and then I want to periodically throughout today stop and think about how food controls me so much and how that is not natural. I have a mindset that food has the power in our relationship. If it is there and available, I can't just not eat it, I am resigned immediately to "well here goes failure". I have to each day renew my mind that this is not a given, it is not a constant. It is up to me to fix that attitude, but I must give my resolve its due diligence each day. And by piggy backing that on to my spiritual renewal each day, I know God will help me in doing so. And to Carrie, Suzy, Mary and Michele, thanks for the comments yesterday. It is good to know that I have folks watching me and rooting for me!

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