Monday, May 11, 2020

Make It Real

So the problem I have is I THINK about doing better, but don't ever DO better. The doctor's assistant told me the other day that my blood sugar was 367 the day of my appointment.  That's high! And truth be told,  I in the back of my knew its been bad. I just ignore it so I don't know. So death talk got me thinking,  and I've been taking my blood sugar numbers for 3 days trying to figure out what each thing I eat does to my blood sugar.  And that in turn makes me see what crappy eating does to my body and what good eating does. And that makes it real to me.  I had pasta and lots of it last night and as a  result,  my blood sugar was up until 2 o'clock this afternoon, despite me eating next to nothing all day.

I went to the track at lunchtime and hit a three laps, and it was challenging.  I'm glad I did it, but my legs took a while to recover. Gotta figure out what to do for tomorrow since the forecast says rain.


  1. Hi Shane,

    I recently discovered your blog and have read through many of your posts. I'm in a similar place and am trying hard to restart weight loss.

    I was wondering after reading your last post - did you actually get the coronavirus? I'm so worried about getting it, I hear that obesity and high blood sugar are major risk factors.

    God bless,

  2. Don't worry. A strict diet and exercise helps get things back on track.

  3. Hey hope you got the sugar thing under control. It is scary to see such big numbers. But a doctor friend told me exercise and diet help a lot in controlling diabetes.

  4. We each are on our own journeys. Hoping and praying for a happier one for you.

  5. Medication is the last step. Try diet control and exercise first.

  6. Agree with Samantha don't go for medicines immediately. Try your best with exercise and diet. It helps a ton. Of course you should go by what your doctor says. But most recommend trying other methods first.